People prepare for independence day celebrations

MULTAN: Machine wheels are moving a pace to stitch and print national flags and manufacture plastic and metal products, including badges, as Multanites prepare for independence day celebrations.

It’s a tradition that commencement of the month of August national flags can be seen fluttering a top the government offices and homes. Small flags were fixed on bicycles and motorcycles while its stickers were decorating cars and jeeps.

Different private printing facilities were busy round-the-clock in printing papers with green and white colours carrying designs of white crescent and star.

Tailors were also seen busy in stitching national flags while some businessmen, like in the past, have started marketing T-shirts and caps carrying prints of the national flag which sell like hot cakes every year in August.

Stalls selling flags, stickers, badges and others items have been set up in different parts of the city, including Hussain Agahi, Sadar Bazaar, Gulgasht colony, Haram gate, Bohar gate, Mumtazabad.

Rahseed Ahmad, who operates such a stall at Bohar Gate, told APP that children were taking more interest in caps carrying prints of national flag besides bunting and badges.

He said the business momentum would increase by each passing day drawing the August 14 date closer.

Source: APP