Pakistan categorically denies Mulla Omar’s death on Pakistani soil

ISLAMABAD: Defence Minister Khawaja Muhamamd Asif Friday categorically denied that Afghan Taliban chief Mulla Mohammad Omar had died and was buried on Pakistan’s soil.

“We totally deny that Mulla Omar died in Quetta or Karachi; we also don’t know either he died a natural death or was killed,” he told the National Assembly in response to a point of order of PPP-MNA Syed Naveed Qamar.

The Minister said heirs of Mulla Omar had also stated that he was buried in Afghanistan.

He said whatever allegations were leveled against Pakistan in past but the fact is that Pakistan has no control over the Afghan Taliban.

“Pakistan had such a relations to convince them for talks with the Afghan government.”

He said Pakistan’s focus is just on the reconciliation process, and added that “it was our strategic focus that the peace process continues with success and brings peace and stability to Afghanistan and the region.”

Khawaja Asif said that two rounds of peace talks between the Afghan Government and Taliban were held in China and Pakistan, and added the reconciliation talks had been postponed and not suspended.

The Minister said Pakistan, US and China participated in the Murree peace talks as observers.

After the death of Mulla Omar, he said, there were reports of differences among the Taliban over the new leadership but it is their internal affair.

He said Pakistan did not want to indulge in any controversy and wanted that the peace process should continue and end culminate on good note.

He said whosoever emerges as Taliban new leader, Pakistan would continue its efforts for peace talks.