MQM leader, Rashid Godil gained consciousness

KARACHI: MQM leader, Rashid Godil, who suffered a deadly attack, has gained consciousness, Aaj News reported.

Using his hands he communicated to his family. He is now breathing without a ventilator, doctors said. However, it will take time for him to recover completely.

Unknown gunmen shot at him near Bahadurabad, as his car stopped at a signal, on Tuesday.

Godil was transferred to a private hospital, where after a surgery he had been put on a ventilator.

Doctors said that five bullets hit his body, of which two hit his head, one his chest, one his neck and one his jaw. However, none of bullets have harmed any vital organs of his body.

His driver, Abdul Mateen, succumbed to his wounds and died. His wife who was with him in the car remained unhurt.

Godil was on his way to the MQM headquarters, nine-zero to attend a meeting on the resignations that his party had rendered last week. A meeting had been organized at the party headquarters in the presence of JUI-F cheif Maulana Fazlur Rehman who had reached Karachi on Monday.

Godil is an elected MNA from Karachi NA-252 constituency.