Modern security system at Railway Station

LAHORE: Installation of a state-of-the-art security system and car parking at Lahore Railway Station will start functioning from mid September.

This was informed by divisional commercial officer (DCO) M Waheed Anwar while talking to APP here on Wednesday.

He said that a private contractor was working on the installation of security cameras, walk through gates and other equipments as well as a modern and computerised car parking.

He said the contractor would not only construct car parking and install security system, but also responsible for parking for five years.

According to the contract, the contractor would pay Rs 20.1 million per annum to the railways while the amount would be raised by five percent every year and a contract had been signed for five years.

The PR DCO said that after the installation of security system, movement of every passenger could be under observation and would be recorded.

He said the car parking system would be computerised and parking would be charged on hourly basis like car parking system at Allama Iqbal International Airport, however, the contractor would develop a system for overnight parking.

He said that contactor was given the target of completion of the work till the end of August, however, it would be functional by September 15.

Source: APP