Man trapped in washing machine rescued after three hours

WEB DESK: How would you feel if you trip over into the washing machine while doing your own laundry? A 22 year old man in Sydney got trapped in his washing machine, waist down for at least three hours.

He had to be rescued by fire fighters who dismantled the entire machine to get him out. The rescue took more than an hour.

The firefighters wrote on their Facebook page: “Upon arrival the crew was informed that the patient’s legs had been entrapped in the washing machine for at least three hours.

“This job was interesting as the crew had not performed a washing machine rescue before. However, under direction from station officer David Cross the crew implemented a plan to extract the patient by disassembling the washing machine.

“The washing machine had to be disassembled systematically and stabilisation was placed under the washing drum as the outer mounts of the washing machine were removed.

“Once the exterior of the washing machine had been removed firefighters had to cut away the stainless steel drum to remove the patient from the washing drum.”

The injured man had mild autism, reported news websites. The rescue call was made by his parents.

Source: Sky News