LG polls is only process for prosperity of Country: Daniyal Aziz

ISLAMABAD: Member National Assembly of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Daniyal Aziz Tuesday said the administrative, financial and political powers should be devolved from federal to provincial and provincial to local level.

Addressing a seminar on “Citizens `Engagement and Accountability for an Effective Local Government System, organized by Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment with support by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Citizens’ Voice Project.

The objective of the seminar was to hold debate on the new local government policy frameworks and its implementation under 18th Amendment of the Constitution.

Daniyal said after the passage of 18th Amendment, it is now the prime responsibility of provincial governments to legislate as per the need of the citizens.

He added that Pakistan cannot progress until the colonial system of Bureaucracy be replaced with a people friendly LG System where citizens are involved in decision making processes and local government representatives are made responsible for service delivery.

Governance at the lowest tier of Government is the only process for prosperity of a Country, he said.

MNA, Tariq Fazal Ch. gave deliberation on the importance of local governments and said that there is a dire need of local governments which should be empowered and effective to deliver at the grass root level.

He further added that LG Act for the capital has been also passed by the parliament and now the government is going to hold election in complete Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) for the first time in the history of Pakistan.

Azhar Bashir Malik presented the citizen demands from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhw and said that members of UC be empowered to table Vote of No Confidence Motion against Chairman or Vice Chairman of the UC and LG Elected representative.

He added that they should be part of Local Government Commission and Local Government Finance Commission facilities, for disables at the poling stations during voting, Creation of District service cadre, Suspension of Nazim by Chief Minister only on recommendation of the Local Govt. Commission and vote of no confidence against VNC Nazim and naib Nazim of VNC he added.

Hasan Muhammad Khan, former Secretary Election Commission said after the passage of 18th amendment and various rulings of supreme court of Pakistan, the role of election commission is very important.

He also said that there is a lack of coordination, and cooperation between provincial governments and election commission and it is one of the major reason for delayed LG election in Punjab and Sindh.

Shehriyar Afirdi, MNA, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) admitted the fact that development work at grass root level is not the responsibility of MNA/MPA and their main role is legislation.

He said there should be performance based competition between the political parties rather than criticizing each other on non issues.

He further added that KP government has articulated a financially empowered local government system which is ensuring development funds to the village and neighbourhood councils at grass root level.

Mudassir Rizvi from FAFEEN shared that Sindh and Punjab are big provinces so local government election should be held in phases and only then it will be possible for the election commission to manage a transparent election in both provinces he further stressed the need for rules of business of election commission and provincial governments for holding of upcoming LG Elections in Punjab and Sindh.

Source: APP