Let’s Tour Old Pakistan

This album contains almost everything representing the old times of Pakistan. Let’s have a look.

Tariq Aziz in the very first Neelam Ghar

LP cover of Nazia and Zoheb Hassan’s first album, ‘Disco Dewane’ (1980).

Legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali, arrives at Kinnaird college in Lahore during his 1988 visit to Pakistan.

Karachi’s amazing Clifton beach in 1962

US Vice President, Richard Nixon, writing his comments on the visitors’ book at Radio Pakistan’s Karachi station in the 1950’s. With him is famous Pakistani radio personality, Z A. Bokhari.

The Crew of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight in 1961.

European tourists enjoy a buggy ride outside Peshawar’s Hotel Intercontinental (1975).

Che in Karachi: Yes, that’s the great Marxist revolutionary and legend, Che Ernesto Guevara, standing along side Pakistan’s first military dictator, Ayub Khan.

This is a 1974 picture of Karachi’s iconic Pearl Continental Hotel (then called theIntercontinental). Notice the short walls of the hotel, hardly 3 and a half feet tall!

Here, a street dentist in Karachi works on the teeth of one of his clients in 1951.

Diana on her visit to Pakistan. In Picture with Frontier Corps

The poster of Pakistan’s first ‘socialist film’ Jago Hua Savera (The Day Shall Dawn). It was penned by famous leftist poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz and released in 1958.

Lahore’s famous Pak Tea House in the 1950. It was a bustling bastion of intellectual and progressive political activity.

A hotel and pub in Karachi’s Malir area (1955).

The Queen of England and Ayub Khan are driven through Karachi’s Saddar area during the Queen’s first visit to Pakistan in 1961.

In 1967, a group of Pakistani high school kids designed the above-seen car all on their own. Dubbed as ‘The first car made in Pakistan,’ the car soon vanished from the country’s memory but the students all ended up getting scholarships to prestigious American engineering universities.

US President, Barak Obama with a Pakistani friend in Karachi in 1982.

Pakistani pop band, The Strings in 1989. They were part of the first wave of new Pakistani pop bands that dominated the charts in the 1990’s.

Urdu news being delivered from Pakistan Television’s Karachi Studios (1974)

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