La Tomatina: Tomato fighting festival in Spain marks it 70th anniversary

WEB DESK:  The La Tomatina Festival celebrated its 70th year with 175 tons of ripe tomatoes, 20,000 people and 22000 tickets on sale, on Wednesday.

During the festival people throw tomatoes on each other.

According to a Spanish newspaper, the festival began in 1945 after a street brawl broke out near a vegetable store in the Valencian town of Buñol. The young people of the town decided they had so much fun that the next year they brought tomatoes from home, picked a quarrel in the street and had the food fight all over again.

The actual street fight can only begin after the ‘palo jabón’, where a few brave participants climb up a greased wooden pole to reach a leg of ham.

-The Independent

According to The Local, In Europe, tomatoes weren’t always a benevolent fruit.  They’re part of the deadly nightshade family and were originally thought to be poisonous when they first entered Europe in the 16th century.  They were golden, which is why pomodoro, the Italian word for tomato, means ‘golden apple’

-National Post

Once the streets of Buñol are cleaned of all the tomatoes, the town looks brand spanking new because the acidity of the tomatoes acts as a disinfectant.

As well as cleaning the people from head to toe, tomatoes are the new beauty superfruit. Tomato juice and pulp can be used to cleanse and tone skin, shrink large pores and even condition dry hair.

The love for this food fight grew over time making it an official festival. This is how the trend of a small annual food fight in a street of Bunol turned it into a full-blown outrageously popular la Tomatina Festival.

-National Post

In a gesture of celebrating the festival Google also changes its doodle to a truck full of tomatoes.

Source: The Local