India’s UP declares KFC unfit for consumption

LUCKNOW: Fried Chicken KFC failed quality control test in India’s Uttar Pardesh district.

After the failing the test, notices have been served to KFC, an Indian newspaper reported. Prior to this, Dominos, a pizza place had also failed quality control tests.

The matter was reported from Allahbad, where the Uttar Pardesh Food Authority confirmed that the oil used to fry chicken at KFC was not fit for consumption.

Tests conducted at a lab confirmed that the fast food chain was using ‘miracle oil’ to keep the oil fresh for extended time periods. The oil used was also found to be rancidity positive.

“Once the oil turns rancidity positive, it becomes acidic on contact with oxygen. This affects the digestive system,” an official of the food authority said.

Earlier, Maggi, the noodle company failed several quality control tests in UP. Following this, Maggi has been taken off shelves in the state.