Indian Foreign minister says she will bring Geeta home

WEB DESK: A ray of hope appeared after 11 long years for deaf and mute girl Geeta, as the Indian High Commissioner came to meet her at the Edhi headquarters, late on Tuesday.

Geeta, lost her family at a pooja mela near the Indian border and crossed over to Pakistan by mistake. A Pakistani Rangers official handed her to the Edhi Centre in Lahore. She was later transferred to a women shelter run by Edhi in Karachi.

The Indian High Commissioner, Dr TC Raghavan assured her that he will find out where her parents were and take her back to India, local media reported.

Meanwhile, the Indian Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraja tweeted that they will bring Geeta home soon after her documents were completed. She also said that the Indian High Commissioner believed that Geeta was an Indian.

Swaraja also thanked people and institutions in Pakistan who had helped Geeta live safe and happy.

Geeta’s case has received renewed after Bollywood movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan hit the screens.

The movie starring Salman Khan tells the story of a mute Pakistani girl who crosses the border into India. She meets Salman, who vows to return her to her family, and risks his life doing so.

Activists across both borders feels that timing of this film is just right to highligh Geeta’s case once again.

However there has been complete silence from Salman Khan over the course of events.