Indian FM reserves several conditions for Indo-Pak talks

WEB DESK: The Indian foreign minister has laid down several pre-conditions for its talk with Pakistan, Indian media reported.

In a press briefing held, the Indian Foreign Minister, Sushma Swaraj said, “Every talk with Pakistan is not a dialogue.”

She said that at Ufa the two priministers had only “met” and there was no agreement of any sort made for future dialogues.

She accused Pakistan of inciting terror in India and said, “Terror and talks can not hand in hand.”

She accused Pakistan of playing a role in two consecutive attacks on Indian soil- the Gurdaspur attack and Udhampur attack.

She said that in the Udhampur attack a Pakistani terrorist was arrested.

She said the Pakistan’s advisor to foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz was welcome to come to India to talk, but then he should not meet any Hurriyat leaders.

She said if the talks occur, Kashmir will not be an agenda.

She also gave Pakistan a one-day deadline to get back to India over the feasibility of the talks.

Source: NDTV