Imran suspends basic party membership of Justice Wajih

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday suspended the basic party membership of former Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed for ‘violating’ party discipline.

Justice Wajihuddin has been at loggerheads with the top party leadership over non-implementation of the recommendations of the intra-party election tribunal of PTI.

“In the light of the August 04 notification, the Chairman has been left with no other option but to suspend Justice Wajihuddin’s basic party membership,” said a statement issued by Dr Shireen Mazari, the spokesperson for PTI chairman.

A circular issued on Tuesday warned the party members not to comment on party’s internal matter at public forums, electronic, print and social media, otherwise the basic membership of those violating the order will be suspended.

“Justice Wajihuddin has openly violated party discipline even after the issuance of the notification of August 4, 2015, clearly stating that anyone discussing internal party matters publicly will be suspended immediately of party membership,” the statement quoted Imran Khan as having said.

It stated that the chairman also made it clear that there should be no confusion about the fact that according to the party Constitution he is the chairman, who is authorised to make the final decision on what is in the best interest of the party.

“Defying the chairman’s order Wajiuddin has also declared that he will continue to air internal party matters in public. The chairman pointed out that because he has always had the highest respect for Wajihuddin, he held a three-hour meeting with him last weekend,” it added.

Source: Business Recorder