IGP Sindh for contingency security plan for cattle markets

KARACHI: The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Sindh, Ghulam Haider Jamali, has called for strict security measures for the cattle market of sacrificial animals at Karachi’s Super Highway and at other places in the province as approved by the authorities concerned.

A police official said here on Sunday that the IGP urged that a contingency plan be drawn in this regard.

He said that it should be in coordination with the other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and keeping in view the prevailing security situation.

The IGP was of the view that effective traffic and security steps should be made at the cattle markets approved by the local administrations in the province.

Whereas strict measures be taken against any `illegal cattle markets’.

He directed that there should be a survey at police station level of the main routes and other areas that are used for transporting the sacrificial animals.

The IGP further instructed that there should be patrolling, picketing and snap checking.

He said that directives issued from time to time by the Police’s Central Command and Control Centre should be made part of the contingency plan.

The IGP said that there should be effective surveillance and monitoring of suspects and criminal elements in various areas for the maintenance of law and order.

Source: APP