HONY raises $2million for brick kiln workers in Pakistan

WEB DESK: Every drop of water makes an ocean, Humans of New York raised above $2, 000,000 within four days to end bonded labor in Pakistan . The donation line is still open for one more day.

Brandon Stanton, founder of ‘Humans of New York’ came to Pakistan as a travel photographer to cover stories of people on the street.

On his trip here, he talked to a family stuck in bonded labor. Their stories gathered international attention.

Through a website called Life.indegogo he began to collect donations for a not-for-profit organization which worked to make the lives of brick kiln labourers better.

“Described as a modern-day Harriett Tubman, Syeda Ghulam Fatima has spent her life fighting against the use of bonded labor in the brick kilns of Pakistan. Bonded labor is essentially modern day slavery. Here’s how it works:

Owners of brick kilns give out small loans to poor laborers in Pakistan’s rural areas, on the condition that the person agrees to work free of cost for them for a short period of time.

To sweeten the deal, the laborers are also offered food and accommodation. But once the agreed upon length of time is complete, the laborer finds that his debt has actually increased due to accrued interest and the costs of accommodation.

From this moment on, the laborer is trapped in a form of slavery. The longer he works, the larger his debt grows. He is condemned to a lifetime of hard labor with no compensation. And when he dies—the debt is passed on to his children,” wrote Brandon on his website.

“There are over 20,000 brick kilns in the country, and conservative estimates put over one million men, women, and children working at these kilns in a condition of bonded labor,” he adds.

“Forced labor is illegal in Pakistan. But due to the power, money, and influence of brick kiln owners, the law remains largely unenforced. Workers are denied education, prevented from learning about their rights, and intimidated into complacency,” Brandon states

Fatima is social activist; her organization strives to fight bonded labor by addressing the core issue. She has established Freedom Centers where workers can go for protection and legal counsel. If she succeeds in her goal of providing education, legal assistance, and rehabilitation to every bonded laborer in Pakistan, the system will naturally collapse.

With this story Stanton ended his post and donations start pouring in as low as 4$ to 100$. Within four days the amount reached to over $2,000, 000.

Thank you Brandon for helping out our people.