Hajj pilgrims urged to submit their complaints through helpline

ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has urged the hajj pilgrims to submit their complaints through Hajj helpline, which is working round the clock since July 25 to facilitate the pilgrims.

The intending pilgrims of both government as well as private scheme could register their complaints in Pakistan on 042-111-725425, the ministry has dedicated a number 800-1166622 for registering complaints in Saudi Arabia, said an official of the ministry.

He said the pilgrims while residing in Saudi Arabia could also register their complaints on 0092-42-35880054 to Pakistan. The complaints could also be registered online on www.cms.gov.pk

The staff deputed in the holy land and as well in Pakistan would try to address grievances.

He said the data of complaints would help improving future Hajj operations.

He said pilgrims could also give suggestions on the phone numbers. Pilgrims going under the government scheme must see their flight schedule on www.hajjinfo.org.

Source: APP