Graffiti art destroyed by political wall chalking

WEB DESK: A short while after a group of Graffiti artists painted the Karachi walls beautiful– they have been destroyed by wall chalking.

Pictures of the beautiful art works destroyed by political parties made it to social media, Monday morning causing anger by citizens.

“More than 2000 walls painted by #iamkhi I just wonder how long would it take for the people to splatter them with there alam baba advertisements or more over the political slogans. I have no words to describe my level of disappointment,” Soveyba Tayyab shared her disappointment on Facebook.

Led by Adeela Suleman, head of the fine arts department at Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture, in collaboration with ‘I am Karachi’ under the project titled ‘Reclaiming walls of Karachi’, the team had artists like Munnawar Ali Syed, Shahana Ranjani and Rabeya Jalil paint the city’s wall beautiful.