Google’s Parent company Alphabet faces domain issues with BMW

WEB DESK: Google’s Parent company Alphabet has encountered an issue with German automaker BMW, which owns a fleet services company with the same name and the domain

According to international Newspaper, Times, the company doesn’t plan on selling the domain as it hauls large sum of profit in to the company’s account.

With the major restructuring announcement yesterday, Alphabet launched as its domain name. Alphabet, led by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, is now the parent company of Google, a move designed to separate the core products (search, Gmail, Android, etc.) from its more far reaching projects (Fiber, Calico, X, self-driving cars).

News also surfaced yesterday that an Indian-born Sundar Pichai will become the new CEO of Google.

BMW is looking into whether Google’s Alphabet has infringed on its trademark, with no legal action currently planned.

Since the announcement, has been down, likely due to the increased traffic it is undoubtedly receiving.

Reuters notes that more than 100 companies have trademark registrations in the U.S. that incorporate the word alphabet in some capacity, According to Bloomberg.

This might not prove to be an issue for the new Alphabet, however. Google founder Page said Alphabet wouldn’t be introducing products under its own name, so it wouldn’t be a public facing name like Google.

Others had a problem with Google showing up as Alphabet. “We do all of our business online, and Google could really affect us,” said Jennifer Blakeley, who in 2008 registered Alphabet Photography as an online retail store selling printed photos of buildings and natural formations that look like letters.