Germany to offer free university to refugees

WEB DESK: About 60 universities in Germany has offered free university education to the growing population of refugees who are seeking asylum in the powerful European economic hub, the Washington Post reported.

German universities have been tuition-free since the beginning of October. The country offers more than 900 English-language degrees even Americans could pursue for free, with courses ranging from engineering to social sciences.

Asylum seekers however had to pay a tuition fee before, making university education off limits for all of them.

Germany offers free tuition to everyone who is in the country legally because it needs to attract more skilled workers to fit its high demand and low unemployment. But the vast majority of all refugees will not be allowed to stay permanently. Each student costs the German government about $10,000 per year.

However German’s feel that the asylum seekers deserve human rights as they are people in trouble.

“Migration is a task for all of society, and universities must do their part,” university of Hildesheim President Wolfgang-Uwe Friedrich.

AFP adds:

A record 107,500 migrants crossed the European Union’s borders last month, according to new figures, showing they are arriving in dramatically increasing numbers and creating a humanitarian crisis for the 28-nation bloc.

Germany alone expects as many as 750,000 refugees to seek asylum there this year, according to media reports.

Source: Washington Post