First solar-powered airport launch in India

WEB DESK: India launched its first solar powered airport in the southern Indian state of Kerala on Tuesday.

It is expected that for the next 25 years, the new power system is to save 300,000 tons of carbon emissions, which is equivalent of planting three million trees.

According to, a new system will make the airport ‘absolutely power neutral’.   It is comprised of more than 46,000 solar panels arrayed across 45 acres of land and will produce 48,000 units of energy per day.

Cochin International had already began the transition of renewable energy in March 2013 on its arrival terminal’s roof but making it entirely solar equipped has been considered as a major step. The system is designed to meet day-to-day requirements.

India has 4 gigawatts of solar capacity currently, with an aim to reach 100 gigawatts by 2022.