First-ever Sky Pool in London

WEB DESK: World’s first ever sky pool suspended in the air bridging the two buildings is claimed to be the first sky pool in the world.

It will be fully made of glass. It will be seen bridging two apartment buildings in London’s Nine Elms district, about 115 feet above the ground.

Glass of 20 cm thickness will be used to make the 25 x 5 m, 3 meter deep pool. This pool which is a part of the 2000-home complex.

It is a Developing Society Project under the name Embassy Garden which will feature the world’s first sky pool. This pool will be for private use for residents.

The Ballymore group behind this project said Embassy Gardens is “a highly collaborative effort, calling for delicate and imaginative management of several different architect partnerships to create an entirely new district those Londoners can be proud of.”