Directorate of Legal Affairs inaugurated at PR headquarters

LAHORE: Minister for Pakistan Railways (PR) Khawaja Saad Rafique inaugurated Directorate of Legal Affairs at PR Headquarters here on Saturday.

Talking to media after inaugurating the directorate, he said that things were improving with the passage of time.

He said that a cafeteria has been opened in headquarters and lady lounge will also be added in it.

He said that when I took over as Minister for Railways I found no proper working of Legal Affairs section and incompetent persons were working.

PR DG Legal Affairs Tahir Pervaiz has been appointed purely on merit, he added.

Saad Rafique further said that permanent lawyers would be hired and selection in this regard would be made purely on merit and keeping in view the professional competence as well.

He said that we have to keep working for achieving the desired goal of uplifting the department.

The minister further said that today morning he inaugurated pedestrian bridge at Walton Road and later addressed the people of his constituency there.

He said that few children also came there and one private channel projected this thing negatively adding “We do not do politics by bringing children in public gatherings”.

He said that now a days summer camps were ongoing in government schools and few children while coming back to home came there which was projected in a negtive way.

Yellow journalism should be avoided and projecting something without evidences and facts was unethical, he added.

Responding to a question, he said after inauguration of PR Directorate of Legal Affairs, the legal matters of PR would definitely settle down with the grace of Almighty Allah.

He further said that last year 870 cases got settled out of almost 3000 cases.

Saad Rafique said that the directorate will help in protecting the PR assets.

Associated Press of Pakistan