DG Sindh Rangers, AIG- Police appreciate CPLC services

KARACHI: Maj. Gen. Bilal Akbar, Director General Rangers, Sindh  and Mushtaq Mehar, Additional Inspector General of Police, Sindh have appreciated the efforts and contribution of Citizens – Police Liaison Committe (CPLC -Sindh) towards society and its successful liaison with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

The DG Rangers – Sindh and AIG – Sindh during their visit to CPLC Central Reporting Cell, Sindh Governor’s Secretariat, the other day were said to had taken round of various sections of CPLC including it I. T. & Call Centre, before being given a detailed briefing about CPLC by its chief Zubair Habib, said a CPLC press release issued on Monday.

MAJ – Gen. Bilal Akber suggested for a coordination between Rangers and CPLC coupled with a joint CPLC and Rangers Special Task Centre (RSTC) under which the two may, keeping their identity intact, work together closely and complement each other’s functions so that crimes could be curbed and people may feel free to live and work in a peaceful environment.

He also appreciated the map developed by CPLC to trace crime patterns and reiterated the need to identify crime hotspots and start joint patrolling of Police and Rangers.

Sindh Rangers’ chief said that CPLC enjoys a good reputation amongst the citizens and LEAs and that people trust the organization  for its efforts in assisting victims of crimes during last two and half decades.

On the occasion CPLC Chief , Zubair Habib shared with the Director General Rangers and AIG – P, Sindh, Mushtaq Mehar the problems faced by the CPLC i  its Neighbourhood Care Projects, mainly due to removal of barriers, on which Maj Gen Bilal Akber assured CPLC that the decision will be taken on case to case basis with due consideration towards merit.

CPLS chief said Neighbourhood Care Projects were presently underway at 21 different locations in Karachi and Hyderabad while several other public service schemes as CPLC Schools, public toilets, free dispensaries were also functional in the metropolis.

Additional Inspector General of Police, Sindh was requested to provide police personnel as it was essential for the success of Neighbourhood-Care Projects operating under the umbrella of CPLC, the senior police official assured every assistance in this regard.

AIG -, Mushtaq Mehar referred to the issue of biometric and NADR verification of jail inmates and said that this will be done as soon as possible.

Chief of CPLC Sindh, Zubair Habib explained the working of CPLC, its infrastructure, organizational structure and success achieved by CPLC during the last 25 years, in particular context of solving kidnapping for ransom cases besides handling matters related to extortion, lost / runaway persons, street crimes.

Source: APP