Depression, anxiety on rise

FAISALABAD: Depression and anxiety have become more common in the society, hampering the people to perform their duties with dedication.

This was said by renowned US Psychologist Saima Sandhu while giving public lecture on frustration of today’s society at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) here on Monday.

She said that depression, financial and social issues were pushing the people towards short-temper attitude.

She said that unfairness, financial and domestics problems and race to become strong etc. are the causes of the depression.

She said age of the children under five was sensitive in which their behaviour develops, therefore, the parents should give special attention to the children.

She also said that the youth were facing different psychological issues, adding teachers and parents should develop friendly relations with youth so that their issues could be addressed effectively.

She said that the individuals should examine themselves and find the way to overcome their shortcomings in order to flourish in life.

Source: APP