De-seating motions against PTI MNAs further deferred till Thursday

ISLAMABAD: Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq on Tuesday further deferred the de-seating motions against members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) till Thursday.

Adjourning the motions of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), which were moved on July 28 to de-seat PTI’s 28 members, for seven days, the Speaker said, there will be no further delay in this regard.

JUI-F and MQM, in their separate resolutions, had argued that PTI lawmakers had lost legitimacy to remain in the House due to their long absence. “Seats of PTI members be declared vacant under clause (2) of Article 64 of the Constitution, who were absent without leave from the Assembly, for 40 consecutive days.”

The speaker said all parliamentary leaders, in a meeting held in his chamber, had agreed to defer the motions so that JUI-F and MQM could be convinced to withdraw their motions.

Earlier, leader of the Opposition Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah, Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique, JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman and MQM’s Parliamentary leader Dr Farooq Sattar had requested to defer the motion.

Fazl asked the speaker to defer JUI-F’s motion for another two or three days so that it could be thoroughly discussed within the party. “There will be no harm if the motion is further deferred for two or three days as we want to hold consultation on the issue.”

He said his party always struggled for sovereignty of the parliament, strengthening of democracy and supremacy of the law. “We are agreed with all political forces for sovereignty of the parliament, strengthening of democracy and supremacy of the law,” he said adding that JUI-F was following the politics of reconciliation and had no intention to create crisis in the country.

Fazl expressed willingness to withdraw the motion if political forces succeeded to convince JUI-F for it .

Parliamentary leader of MQM Dr Farooq Sattar said strengthening of democracy was not possible without abiding by the Constitution, advising PTI members to submit a request with the chair for condoning their 40-day absence from lower house of the Parliament.

Endorsing the JUI-F’s proposal for deferring the motions, he said solution of the de-seating resolutions should be within the Constitution and rules.

Ejaz Jakhrani urged MQM and JUI-F to withdraw the motions and said the PTI,? in a memorandum of understanding with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz while constituting the General Election-2013 Inquiry Commission, had agreed that it would return to the Parliament if the systematic rigging was not proven in the commission. And PTI will continue to play its role in the Assembly and work for strengthening the democracy.

Tariq Ullah of Jamaat-e-Islami said it would be much better to decide the motions as soon as possible.

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed also requested the two parties to withdraw their motions.

Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai said all the political parties were united to protect the nascent democracy and ensure supremacy of the parliament at the time when PTI had staged a sit-in against the elected government. “All political parties are unanimous to safeguard democracy and ensure supremacy of the parliament.”

Ejaz-ul-Haq said it was welcoming step of the PTI to return to the parliament and play its role for strengthening of democracy.

He was of the view that the PTI should request for condoning their absence for forty days from the parliament. He also endorsed the suggestion of JUI-F and MQM for deferring the motions for a couple of days .

Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali asked the parliamentarians to play their role for the cause of democracy, adding that it was not acceptable for any citizen to hear anti Pakistan statements from any one.

Ghulam Ahmed Bilour said it would be much better if there would be a unanimous decision to vote against de-seating of PTI lawmakers, but parliamentary forces were not in favour of it. So, MQM and JUI-F should withdraw their motions, he added.

PTI’s Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that his party always played its role for strengthening of democracy as it believed in promoting democratic norms in the country and ensuring supremacy of the Parliament.

PTI, he said, had played active role in the parliament to address the issues confronted by a common man.

He said his party had agreed that it would accept report of the inquiry commission, adding that PTI lawmakers returned to the parliament as per the inquiry commission agreement to play their constructive role in the parliament. He underlined the need for deciding the motions at the earliest.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Shaikh Aftab Ahmad requested to forget the past bitterness and move forward on the path of democracy for national development and prosperity.

The government, he said, wanted to take all political parties along as they were elected-representatives of the public having mandate to take up issues of common man at the parliament effectively.

He said there was a need to start a new beginning to develop an ideal society which should be peaceful and free of corruption and crimes, urging JUI-F and MQM to withdraw their motions.

Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said PTI should avoid giving controversial statements in the National Assembly as the House was making efforts to resolve the de-seating issue amicably.

He brushed aside the impression of the PTI that there was any conspiracy to de-seat or humiliate its members in the House.

Saad said the government has the desire to move forward and further strengthen the democratic system by taking all political forces along.

Source: APP