Commissioner Karachi orders removal of garbage dumps from metropolis

KARACHI: Administrator and Commissioner of Karachi, Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui on Tuesday ordered immediate removal of garbage dumps from across the metropolis.

In his directive issued to the concerned departments he said adequate arrangements must be made for regular sweeping, manual as well as mechanical, in the city so as to ease problems faced by citizens due to inadequate cleanliness arrangements.

Responding to media reports about garbage found scattered on road sides and lanes – situation further aggravated due to inundation of many of the city streets by sewerage water, he said action would be taken against officials failing to realize their responsibilities towards citizens.

Siddiqui urged municipal commissioners and DCs of each district to supervise the needed work and ensure that affected areas sites are also properly fumigated once dumps are removed and filthy water is sucked away and the thoroughfare is duly dried.

Fumigation, he said must be turned into a regular exercise to avert outbreak of diseases, particularly dengue.

The commissioner of Karachi in his warning to the concerned departments said it was their responsibility to ensure that garbage and waste are thrown at designated sites and not every where, while collection of the same from designated sites is ensured at regular intervals on daily basis.

He has also sought details of the vehicles used for garbage collection with particular reference to their availability in each of the districts and expenses under head of fuel and maintenance.

Source: APP