Boxing federation not fulfilled requirements, PSB

LAHORE: Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) has said that Pakistan Boxing Federation has not yet submitted the required documents for getting NOC and financial assistance for Pak teams participation in the Asian boxing championship being held from August 25 in Bangkok.

‘ In accordance with the Government instructions, for participation in any international sports competition at abroad, each federation is required to submit a complete case on PSB prescribed proforma along with invitation, computer clearance proforma, surety bond, undertaking and departmental NOC at lease six weeks before departure of the team,’ said a spokesman of PSB on Tuesday.

He said PBF has not yet submitted the required documents inspite of PSB letter of July 27 , 2015.  However, PBF vide letter its letter dated August 15 has requested the PSB for release of special grant of Rs.2,151,340/- without any document and Government NOC.

Throwing light on PBF affairs, he said the elections of  Boxing Federation held in 2012 were disputed. The federation did not invite the representative of PSB to watch the elections proceedings so the elections process can not be certified.

‘ The federation did not submit the minutes of the election meeting along with required documents so that PSB could assess the authenticity of the election. In absence of the required documents PSB is unaware about the office bearers of the Pakistan Boxing Federation and legitimacy of the election process,’ he asserted.

On the other hand, President,PBF Doda Khan  has addressed a letter to PSB and informed his address for future correspondence whereas, Secretary,PBF Iqbal Husain has also setup another office which is causing confusion, he maintained.

‘It may also be noted that there are cases filed in the Sindh High Court, Karachi regarding embezzlement of funds by Doda Khan,’ he added.

The spokesman said, however, in realizing the Lausanne agreement PSB through a letter invited some information from all the National Sport Federations but Pakistan Boxing Federation has failed to submit the same till to-date. It was clearly mentioned in the reminder that the federations those failed to implement the requisite S.R.O will not be funded.

‘In spite of PSB’s letter of August 5, PBF has not submitted the requisite documents and even did not respond as yet,’he said adding  Keeping in view the promotional interest of boxing, PSB will try to arrange funds for the participation of boxing team after obtaining NOC from the Government.

Source: APP