Lyari gangster Baba Ladla killed in police shoot out

QUETTA: Notorious Lyari gangster Baba Ladla was killed in a police shoot out late on Thursday near the Iran border, Aaj news reported.

The body has been taken in custody by security forces.

The government had place a head bounty of Rs2.5 million for Baba Ladla.

In May last year, news of his death reached news outlets. But it was proven wrong.

The Balochistan government has not yet confirmed news of his death.

His profile

Ladla had joined Rehman Dakait’s gang in his early years. After Rehman’s death, Ladla grew up to be one of the most feared gangsters of Lyari.

His gang would frequently fight turf war with Uzair Baloch’s gang in Lyari.

Ladla had gone into hiding when the Karachi Operation began. He was wanted in over 50 cases.