Ayyan visits KU department, students held protest

KARACHI: Supermodel Ayyan Ali’s arrived at the University of Karachi to inaugurate a departmental project on Thursday.

On Friday some KU students held a protest against the arrival of Ayyan Ali in Karachi university saying, “We want prosperity not vulgarity”.

Students even managed to bring in a real donkey in the campus.

Arrival of Ayyan Ali in the Karachi university sparked fury among people on the social media who took the varsity to task for inviting “the main person accused in a huge money laundering scandal as chief guest”.

Twitteratis tweeted their views, mostly revolving around attacking the varsity for inviting Ayyan as guest of honour.

According to the model’s Facebook page, the supermodel was invited by the Department of Public Administration to inaugurate a joint venture of two students of the department meant to help disabled people by donating a certain amount of percentage from their profits.

During the visit, Ayyan also urged the students to not accept rumors as truth. One wonders if she was hinting at the money laundering case she has been accused of.