Away from the bustling city Karachi

KARACHI: On a Sunday a group of photographers gathered at the Kalapul stop at Malir. The idea was to walk the streets with their cameras– and bring to citizens a part of Malir which they had never  seen before.

Unlike the rest of Karachi– Malir a stretch of land on the far end of the city is a mix of urban and rural. With residential areas in neat rows, and new pizza joints opening every now and then– there is an unexplored part where farmhouses and plantations are aplenty.

Our first stop is the Riverside Farmhouse, where a cow grazes, at peace with its surrounding.

A wide view of the Riverside Agriculture farm.

After that, we visited some gardens. Here is a scene from a peach orchard.

Here is a Zucchini orchard, with its yellow flowers dancing in the sun.

These a ruins of an ancient well, which locals say is at least a hundred years old.

I visited the Rani Empire Farms known for its zoo. Here black swans waddle near a small pond.

A mother duck, with its numerous ducklings.

A play area where children can have fun

A fawn watches older deer eat fodder

A female ostrich posing for the camera.

On my way back I found a hidden heritage site at Kathor– water works from the British era. A plaque on the gate said they were constructed in 1929.

A view of Super Highway which connects Malir to the rest of Karachi.

photos by Hussain Hyder