A fan reenacted SRK’s whole career in to a tweet

WEB DESK: One tweet that sums up Shahrukh Khan’s career in Indian cinema by a twitter fan becomes the talk of the social media.

Social media has become a platform where fans can directly get in touch with their favorite celebrities. More surprising is the star taking out time from their busy schedules to respond to their fans.  Mind you, only if you are effective enough to show the love and support to get the star’s attention.

Sharad Kandoi won over other twitteratti when he uploaded a script with Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest hits that have the potential ‘to create the ultimate SRK film’
This was later appreciated by SRK himself. He said ‘Effectively my whole career..’

The tweet had been retweeted 1.8k times and favourited 3.3k times making it the most tweeted story, according to Storypick.