7 things we were doing wrong this whole time

WEB DESK: We usually don’t notice in our routine and fast pace life what little things we are doing wrong. But take a minute and see how little things we thought we are doing right is actually wrong.

1. Pretty much did this one most of my childhood

2. Watermelons should be cut crosswise rather than sliced

3. This is the correct way to eat cupcakes. I may well stick with the wrong way though

4. Ever found that your headphones fall out a lot? Well, that’s because we’re all wearing them wrong.

5. Every. Single. Day.

6. With the bow resting horizontally, you’re less likely to find your laces have untied themselves throughout the day…and nobody wants that..

7. Stop wasting time washing your bloody blenders, get some boiling water and washing up liquid in there, turn it on and let the machine clean itself

Source: ViralThreads.com