16-Year-Old Pakistani becomes the youngest millionaire in E-sports

WEB DESK: A 16-Year-Old Pakistani, Sumail Hassan becomes the youngest billionaire in E-sports by winning the Valve’s Fifth Championship for Dota 2.

By the end of Valve’s fifth world championship for Dota 2, Sumail’s team American Evil Geniuses bested China’s CDEC for the crown. Five members of the winning team including Pakistani born 16-Year-Old Sumail bagged first place winning $6.6 million.

Evil Geniuses won the series 3-1 over CDEC, who had previously knocked them into the loser’s bracket. But despite that, and the fact that an American team has never won the tournament before, Evil Geniuses were still heralded as the favorites heading into the final.

Sumail Hassan made $200,000 after one month as a professional gamer in the U.S.

His story

In the spring of 2014, after a decade of visa problems, the Hassan family moved out of its spacious house in Karachi, Pakistan, to an apartment in Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago near O’Hare International Airport.

They were a family of eight, two parents and six kids, jammed into a three-bedroom space. Money was tight and work unsteady; for most of them, the move was a struggle. But their 15-year-old son, Sumail, was thrilled—being in the U.S. meant less lag time when he played Dota 2.

Sumail started playing Dota 2 as a 7-year-old. Now 16, he’s still small and spindly, with wide, soft eyes and skinny toothpick arms. In Chicago, he put in minimum effort at a local public high school, making no friends and doing no homework; instead he spent all his spare time racking up impressive amateur credentials in Dota 2.

Evil Geniuses was the third seed but, with Sumail’s help, it made it to the finals. Its opponent was a Chinese team called Vici Gaming, and the packed arena’s crowd was against them. In the first five minutes of Game Three—the last of the final—Sumail got killed four times without scoring a single kill. It was a devastating start, and the announcers said the game was basically over. But when the other team started scattering players, Sumail struck and won the semi Finals.

Now his team is the winner of the Dota 2 making it America’s first win in the game.

Source: Kotaku.com