10 Bizarre Sports You Won’t Believe People Actually Play

WEB DESK: For some people the commonly played sports wasn’t good enough. So they ended up inventing these 11 weird sports which, unsurprisingly, only added to the fun quotient of the games.

1. Mobile phone throwing championship

They do like to get rid of this demon called ‘mobile phone’ in style. So much so that they started the sport of mobile phone throwing in 2004, this has now become a major even in Finland. 2. Extreme ironing

This sport is also considered to be a performance art, as people do the ironing while mountain climbing, skiing, or being engaged in one of the adventure sports. According to the Extreme Ironing Bureau, this sport “combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.”

people do the ironing while mountain climbing, skiing, or being engaged in one of the adventure sports

people do ironing while mountain climbing, skiing, or being engaged in an adventure sports

3. Wife carrying

Another Finnish invention, in this sport, men carry a woman while taking part in a race. And guess the prize for this one? The female member’s weight in beer.

The game has its origins in Finland

4. Mud Olympics in Germany

Started and held in Germany, this game includes common sports like football, sled racing, volleyball, played on a field full of black mud.

The Wattoluempiade or Mud Olympics took place on the mud flats on the banks of the River Elbe, near Hamburg

5. Muggle quidditch

Keeping all the original rules of quidditch unchanged, except for flying, this game is played around the world today. There is even a governing body for this sport called International Quidditch Association.

volunteers rejoiced over the summer over LGP's founder Aaron Hopkins-Johnson's announcement of a Muggle Quidditch monthly pick-up game announcement.

6. Worm charming championship

The international sport of worm charming titled the World Worm Charming Championships, has been taking place since 1980. A competitive sport that involves people charming the hell out of earthworms, enough to make the tiny beasts crawl out of their holes and right into your hand.

A range of musical talents and tricks were employed on Saturday to win the title in the World Worm Charming Championships

7. Zorbing competition

Zorbing, also known as orbing, is a sport where you enter a massive plastic bubble and run.

Wonga Half-Time Competition. Wonga Zorbing

8. Bossaball

Invented in Spain, this team sport is the lovechild of a trampoline and volleyball. Played on an inflatable court, this game has international fame and demand.

Bossaball is a ball game between 2 teams, combining elements of volleyball, football, gymnastics and capoeira

9. Toe wrestling

According to the English, you invent a sport and declare a native champion. And that is exactly why 4 inebriated English men invented the sport of toe wrestling, which is quite similar to arm wrestling, but done with your feet.

Draped in a Union Jack flag, the competitor is preparing for the most brutal of bouts to retain his title -- World Toe Wrestling Champion

10. Bed racing

The English to invent sports, this is not as much fun for the team members who are dragging or pushing the wheeled bed but hey, anything for the prize.

Thailand's popular beach town Pattaya to take part in the seventh Pattaya International Bed Race on Sunday January 25

Source: Storypick