Tiny spiders rain down in Australia

Have you ever seen spiders raining from the sky? People in Southern Australia cringed with fear as baby spiders rained from the sky on Monday.

According to reports which appeared in the Goulburn Post, millions of spiders dropped from the sky, blanketing the countryside with their webs. The falling spiders looked like snow initially. But in minutes people saw hundreds of little spiders floating along with their webs.

The spiders were actually just “very, very small” adults called sheet-web weavers or money spiders, according to Robb Bennet a research associate in entomology at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria.

The researcher noted about the spurs these spiders take to the skies in what are called mass ballooning events. In order to fend for survival they make it to the highest point of their habitat, say a high fence or tree. Then they tie themselves with their webs and float in the air.

In a reverse-parachute effect, they go from the ground into the air, Bennett said.

He said that many spiders die in the journey, or get eaten by predators.

Reports which appeared in the National Geographic claimed that the spiders pose no danger to people. It is a spectacular natural history occurrence.

This is not the first when the tiny spiders descended in the millions in Australia. In March 2012 spider webs coated an Australian countryside too.