Can a teen mum do this with her own baby?

WEB DESK: A mum was so ignorant about her four-month-old baby that she broke both her legs and arms. And the reason because of which she did not get a jail sentence was her ‘young age’ and ‘ignorance’.

A 17-year-old Latvian man-handled her four-month-old baby and broke her arm and legs, said a story which appeared in the Mirror. The teenager said she was “exercising” the girl’s legs but admitted twisting her arm forcibly when dressing her.

Doctors said that force applied to the baby’s limbs became cause of the injuries.

Unfortunately, the 17 year old mother did not know basic steps through which a baby is taken care of. Her inexperience caused the baby a couple of fractures.

The 17-year-old mother actually dint know  the basic principles of care of the baby as through ignorance, through naivety, and perhaps with also a degree of selfishness, when dealing with the baby, the baby suffered a number of fractures.

Anyhow, the teenager admitted causing harm and the government ordered an adult to supervise her for a year.