Remedy for Cancer that can boost up the immune system

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Scientist uncovered a protein that can improve the number of cancer fighting T-cells.

Researchers from Imperial College London discovered a once unknown protein that boost up the production of very important cytotoxic T-cells (Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are the prime examples of cytotoxic therapy) which destroy virus-infected and cancerous cells.

This discovery is named as lymphocyte expansion molecule (LEM), lymphocytes are small white blood cells that help the body fight against disease. It was discovered while observing a lab rat that a specific micro organism of rat boosted the production of cytotoxic T-cells 10 times the normal amount.

These findings will help develop important anti-cancer therapies.  Once the cancer is detected the T-cells start spreading to overcome the disease. If the T-cells can be multiplied by 10 it could boost the chances of cleaning the disease.

The scientists are making sure that the LEM works perfectly and safely on rats so they can develop a therapy.

Professor Philip Ashton Rickardt who is heading the tests said that if everything goes by the plan, the test on human subjects is expected to be carried out in three years.

By Asim Ahmed Mallick