Police arrest 484 suspects

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police in the ongoing search and strike operation throughout the province against criminals and anti-social elements has rounded up 484 suspects and recovered a huge quantity of arms and ammunition from them.

The KP police conducted operation in different parts of the province and recovered 27 arms and ammunition of different kind and 463 rounds of different bore, said a police statement on Friday.

During the operation 487 houses and 247 hotels were checked and 11 cases were registered against the violators.

During snap checking on 128 check points, 340 suspects were held and 18 Arms of different kind and 179 cartridges were recovered.

During action against illegal Afghans a total of 45 Afghans were detained on violation and 34 cases were registered against them.

Similarly in action against misuse of loudspeakers 2 persons were arrested and 3 loudspeakers were seized and 3 cases registered against them.

Security inspections of 914 educational institutions were also carried out and 5 cases were registered on poor security arrangements.