PIA flight makes unscheduled landing at Moscow as passenger suffers heart attack

KARACHI: A London-bound PIA flight made a medical emergency landing on Sunday at the Moscow airport when an on-board passenger suffered a heart-attack.

The passenger, Pervez Iqbal, boarded flight PK 785 from Islamabad at 12:45 pm. The plane was still air-borne when he complained of severe chest pain.

In line with duty, the PIA captain Abdul Aziz decided to make the medical emergency landing at the Moscow Airport at 6:30 PST.

The national flag carrier arranged an ambulance for the passenger which carried him to a hospital. Iqbal’s wife chose to stay with her husband so PIA also ensured that they receive their luggage.

The flight stayed at the Moscow airport for one hour and 45 minutes and took off for London at 8:30 PST. The flight is expected to land at Heathrow airport by 1920 GMT.

The PIA spokesperson Haneef Rana said here on Sunday the airline regrets any inconvenience the incident caused to its passengers and appreciates their patience, while at the same time, commends the decision made by the Captain to save a human life.