Pakistan shoots down the rumor of assigning troops to Yemen

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office has denied to the false reports of sending its troops to accompanied Saudi Arab in its war against Houthi rebels, Aaj News reported.

In a press briefing on Saturday night, Aizaz Chaudhary the Foreign Secretary said that the reports surfacing on media are not true, he further added that a delegation will be leaving for Riyadh in 1 or 2 days. He called that it’s a hypothesis that Pakistan is going to join Saudi Arab in its crisis against Yemeni Houthi rebels.

Aizaz said that the Pakistani government is still contemplating the whole situation and is in contact with the Saudi officials.

PM Nawaz Sharif earlier this Friday on a telephonic conversation assured the Saudi King Salman that any threat to Saudi sovereignty will embark a sudden reaction from Pakistan. But as of right now, the Officials have not made any decision to participate in the war.