New integrated operating rooms at Aga Khan University Hospital

KARACHI: A new operating theatre suite with three state-of-the-art integrated operating rooms was inaugurated Friday at the Aga Khan University Hospital against a cost of US$3.35 million.

President, Aga Khan University (AKU) Firoz Rasul, addressing an informal ceremony on the occasion said it is the first suite in Karachi with integrated operating rooms (ORs) and part of the University Hospital’s ambitious plans to improve the quality of the health care services and  surgical facility it offers.

He also expressed his gratitude to the local donors mainly, Bashir Dawood and his family for their generous donation that made the project possible and said the ORs are part of the Aga Khan University’s campaign to raise funds from the corporate sector in the country so as to improve access to quality health care.

“Bringing this technology enables us to deliver the highest levels of patient care,” said AKU President.

The project, claimed to offer benefits to patients, their surgeons and the teaching community locally and elsewhere in the region, covers approximately 9,600 square feet, comprises the suite with three ORs, six recovery rooms, a holding bay for four patients, a room for families and other spaces.

“These ORs are designed to increase patient safety,” said Dr. Jamsheer Talati, Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Surgery, AKU.

Each integrated OR has centralised control of the environment and features include instant access to patient information, high definition pictures such as x-rays available on large screens, video capture and streaming of the procedure in real time and other systems.

In addition, the ORs have many safety features against infections, reducing the risk of infection for patients.

They are especially beneficial to patients due to their less invasive approach to many surgeries, shorter hospital stays and shorter recovery time.

Surgeons using this operating room can not only record procedures for training purposes, but can also live stream to students and doctors anywhere via the Internet; offering students and others in remote locations, opportunities to enhance their learning experience.