10 more convicts hanged across Pakistan

KARACHI: As many as 10 convicts were hanged at different jails across Pakistan early on Wednesday, regarding the implementation of death penalty which has been resumed for all capital crimes after the bloodshed attack in Peshawar Army Public School Aaj News reported.

A total of 49 convicted murderers have been hanged since the moratorium on capital punishment was lifted in December.

According to the sources, the orders of the execution of murderer Qadeer Ahmed were stopped at a last-minute pardon by the deceased’s family.

Meanwhile, death row prisoner Tahir Bashir was hanged in Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat jail. Bashir had killed a man 15 years ago over a personal feud.

Shaukat Ali and Mohammad Shabbir were hanged at the Adiyala jail in Rawalpindi. Their appeals had already been turned down by the higher courts and the president.

Two more death sentences – those of murder convicts Talib Hussain and Rab Nawaz – will be carried out at the Adiyala jail later tonight.

Similarly, 6 more death row prisoners were hanged at different jails across Pakistan.