Manchester United-The Red Devils

The club that was established in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England, originally the club was founded in 1878 under the name of Newton Heath LYR Football club; later in 1902 the club became the RED DEVILS as they picked the name Manchester United, the first club to win European Cup. The red Devils have conquered 20 league titles most by any English club, a joint record 11 FA cups, four league cups and a record 20 FA community shields. The Club won 3 European cups, one UEFA cup, one UEFA super cup, one intercontinental cup and one Fifa Club World Cup.

22 managers has managed the club since their very start but the most successful, admired and respected manager was Sir Alexander Chapman “Alex” Ferguson (1986-2013), he has won many awards and let alone won holds many records including winning Manger of the year most times in the British Football History.

2008 was the year in which he became the third manager to win the European Cup more than once time. During his period he won 38 trophies, which included 13 premier league and 2 UEFA champions league titles. Names like Wayne Rooney, Cristiana Ronaldo, David Beckham have had been associated with the Club. Sir Bobby Charlton appeared in 758 games and scored 249 goals in total. Most goals in a season in all competitions by any player were 46 by Denis Law (1963-64), Dennis Viollet (1959-60) scored most league goals in season.

The Gem Cristiano Ronaldo scored 31 goals in a 38 game season. The club has rivalries with Leeds united, Liverpool, Manchester City but the animosity between Liverpool and Manchester United is the most renown of them all because during the industrial revolution Manchester was famous for its textile industry and Liverpool was a major port.

They have battled each other for the league titles (most recently in the 2008-09 seasons). Manchester united is one of the most widely supported teams in the world. In terms of revenue, the Manchester united club is the 2nd richest football club with annual revenue of €518 million.

Accountancy firm and sports industry consultants Deloitte estimate that Manchester United has 75 million fans worldwide. The Independent Manchester United Supporters’ Association (IMUSA), which maintains close links to the club through the MUFC Fans Forum,[100] and the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST). After the Glazer family’s takeover in 2005, a group of fans formed a splinter club, F.C. United of Manchester. The West Stand of Old Trafford, the “Stratford End” is the home end and the traditional source of the club’s most vocal support.

By Asim Malik