Kjaer banishes the rumors

Simon Kjaer who is currently under the contract with Lille OSC a French association club, shot down the rumor of a possible move to the higher leagues (Premier league). Kjaer joined the League 1 in 2013, he failed to put up a show against the Woldfsburg (German sports club) and in Italy temporarily playing for Roma.

Since then he has proved himself to be one of the most contended defenders in the French league for the past two seasons which lead to the speculation of his transfer to the Premier League. The Red Devils, The Gunners, Liverpool and Manchester City all were hoping for the Danish native to join their sides but Kjaer made it clear that he is currently happy playing for the Lille OSC.

He stated that: “I have been in Lille for two years now. I am happy here, I feel good and my family does too. I am focusing on having a good finish to season for LOSC”.