India’s swine flu toll reaches 1,289

ISLAMABAD: Swine flu has claimed another 50 lives in the country taking the death toll to 1,289 while close to 24,000 people had contracted the contagious disease, according to the government.

The Union Health Ministry said that while the total number of people who have died has reached 1,289 and those affected by it across various states stands at 23,922 as on March 5 this year, Gulf News reported on Saturday.

The ministry said the number of people affected by the disease showed an upward trend in Gujarat with 5,236 people, the death toll on Friday reached 311 in the Western state.

The number of people who have perished to the disease in Rajasthan too crossed the 300 mark as data showed that 302 people have perished to the disease while 5,856 people are affected by it.