Hindu community celebrates Holi festival

HYDERABAD: Hindu community of Hyderabad celebrated their religious and colourful festival of Holi with traditional fervour here on Thursday.

A special prayer was held in the temples.

Later, the Holi ceremony was observed in playgrounds at different places and cultural programmes were also arranged on the occasion.

Members of the Hindu Panchayet Association Advocate Parkash, Advocate Jagdesh, former MPA Eashwar Lal, Dr Sri Chand, Shankar Lal and others said that prayers for prosperity of the country were also offered in all temples.

They said that the government has provided maximum facilities to all minorities and planned to restore almost all minority religious sites.

They underlined the need of forging unity irrespective of religion, creed and caste and waging a joint struggle with hardwork,  sincerity and honesty for the progress and development of the country.