Have a sense of purpose in life to protect heart

ISLAMABAD: Having a high sense of purpose in life may lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, new study says.

The new analysis defined purpose in life as a sense of meaning and direction, and a feeling that life is worth living.

“Developing and refining your sense of purpose could protect your heart,health and potentially save your life,” said study lead author Randy Cohen, apreventive cardiologist at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai Roosevelt,Khaleej Times reported.

The study found that a high sense of purpose is associated with a 23 percent reduction in death from all causes and a 19 percent reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, or the need for coronary artery bypass surgery.

“Our study shows there is a strong relationship between having a sense ofpurpose in life and protection from dying or having a cardiovascular event.

The meta-analysis also found that those with a low sense of purpose are more likely to die or experience cardiovascular events.