Eminent surgeon stresses on good communication skills for doctors

HYDERABAD: Communicating information to patients about their illness forms the basis of an effective interaction between doctors and patient,

This was said by eminent surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro Dr. Faisal Ghani Siddiqui Wednesday while talking to APP.

Dr. Faisal Ghani said that the resident doctors in Pakistan have certain unique problems in effectively communicating with patients and they often find it difficult to explain the medical terminologies to patients.

He said that in an effective doctor- patient encounter, one needs to be confident that adequate information is retrieved from the patient by addressing their key concerns, form an opinion and then provide this understanding directly to the patient about his or her illness.

Dr. Faisal Ghani said that the doctor- patient relationship cannot flourish without doctor’s skill of communication with ordinary people and medically lay public.

Lack of proper documentation and casual record keeping are the other factors, which affect patient care.

He said that the doctors need to communicate with patients in an effective manner so that they can deliver quality medical care.

It is worth noting that effective communication helps in providing optimum information and psychological support to patients and helps in ensuring patient compliance.