Ayyan Ali unable to cast a Spell

RAWALPINDI: Custom officials have doubt over the proof of documents provided by Super Model Ayyan Ali; the documents contain the information about the $500,000 she was carrying when she was arrested by the custom authorities.

On March 14 super model Ayyan Ali was caught by the custom officials, who accused her of smuggling $500,000 to Dubai. Following the incident a case was filed against Ayyan convicting her of money laundering. The court sent her on a 14 day judicial remand in Adiala jail in Rawalpindi.

According to her, she had no idea how much amount was permitted to carry on board by the Custom laws. She also added that she had obtained the money after selling 5 of her properties.

The convict later presented the officials with the proof of documents explaining how she obtained the amount. The evidence is consisted of a letter from a private property company which highlighted the property deal and a transfer statement in regards to the sale of the property.

The custom officials are deeply skeptical about the documents and are going to conduct further investigation to decide the legitimacy of the documents. Sources said that private property company will be included in the investigation.