Aden airport face total annihilation as Pakistanis prepare to evacuate Yemen

ADEN: The city of Aden was heavily bombarded, said one Pakistani, Aaj News reported.

Army has surrounded the airport and has deployed tanks and vehicles in order to liberate it from the Houthi Rebels. According to the grounded Pakistani’s the airport is completely demolished.

Pakistani Navy ship has left for Yemen since the airport has been destroyed; the arrangements to evacuate around 200 Pakistanis have been made. The

Pakistani community will travel in a large group to a nearby port from there they will be able to send to the Navy Ship.

Earlier this morning, a PIA plane with 503 Pakistanis on board arrived at Jinnah Airport Karachi. A second plane was supposed to leave for Yemen this Tuesday morning in order to remove the remaining Pakistanis from the battle ground.