US vows continued counter terrorism support for Pakistan

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon has said U.S. and Pakistan military cooperation continues to improve and that the United States would continue to support Pakistan in dealing with the shared threat of terrorism.

Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby said it is for Pakistan to continue the fight against terrorism in its own interest, and noted that like the Paris victims, Pakistanis have been victims of terror.

“It’s not about us putting pressure on the Pakistani government. It’s about the Pakistani government continuing to address this threat in keeping with their best interests and the interests of their people”, Kirby replied, when a journalist suggested that Washington pressurize Pakistan into doing more.

“And it’s a shared threat, a shared challenge that we have, and we have maintained an interest in helping them deal with, and that will continue”.

Responding to another question, the spokesman said the sanctuary that some of the militant groups “enjoy in Pakistan has long been an issue of concern for us, it’s long been a topic of discussion with our Pakistani counterparts”.

“And, again, I want to remind, as I often do, that it’s important to remember the Pakistani people have become — are victims of this — of terrorism, just like the people in Paris are this week”.

Kirby emphasized that terrorism is a common threat to Pakistan and the United States.
“And it’s a common threat, a common challenge that we all have to continue to work on together and to look for ways to improve that cooperation”.

“I will also tell you that — that cooperation with Pakistan and Pakistani military in general continues to improve”.